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What is Pamojan.com?                                                                           

Pamojan is a digital B2B platform to connect suppliers/manufacturers in Egypt to the wholesale buyers all over the world. 

What is Pamojan business mission?

Our mission is to give suppliers/vendors the tools necessary to reach a global audience for their products, and by helping buyers find products and suppliers quickly and efficiently.

How do I place an order if my order is less than $10,000?

Step 1) Find a product/seller on pamojan.com

Step 2) Connect with the seller if you have specific requirements.

Step 3) Place and pay your order on pamojan.com, buyers can make secure payment through the options shown below;  

  • Credit/Debit card 

Step 4) Receive your shipment within 7 - 14 Business days.

Step 5) Rate your Pamojan’s experience.

How do I place an order if my order is more than $10,000?

Step 1: Find products/sellers on pamojan.com

Step 2: Connect with the Sellers and Negotiate with them on product/order details (such as product price, shipping method, shipping cost etc.)

Step 3: Place your order.

Step 4: Pay your initial deposit as agreed upon with the supplier on pamojan.com to guarantee your order placement. Buyers can make a secure payment through the options shown below;  

    • Credit/Debit card

Step 5) Ship and receive your order as agreed upon with the supplier.

Note: Pamojan.com logistics has partnered with major players in the industry to provide our customers with reliable and transparent multi-model shipping solutions.

Step 6) Rate your order experience on Pamojan.com.

Where can I find the product details, such as price, MQO, shipping fee?

You can find most of the details in the product page. 

Pamojan.com is a business to business trading platform for buyers and suppliers to exchange business information. Most of the members on Pamojan.com are manufacturers, trading companies, or resellers who trade in large quantity order. As you know, the product price/shipping cost are mainly based on purchase quantity and shipping methods; Therefore, you are suggested to contact the specific supplier to check and negotiate the price and other details, such as MQO, Shipping cost for the product that you are interested in.

How do I get an estimate of the shipping costs?

  • If your order weight is 50 kg or less, the shipping costs will be shown on the check out page.
  • If your order weight is more than 50 kg and want to get an approximate shipping cost, please go to the Pamojan Logistics Services , fill out the details of your order, and click "Get Quote

Where can I find the product weight?

The product weight will be found under “Shipping properties Tap” in the product page. 

Should I communicate with suppliers outside of Pamojan.com?

When negotiating business deals, we strongly advice both parties to strictly keep their communications on Pamojan.com. Chat records will help our team make informed and fair decisions in the case of disputes.

How do I place RFQ?

Sign in to your account, and then go to 

https://www.pamojan.com/reques... and fill up the required info, 

Your request will be under review and it will be published with our suppliers within 24 hours upon approval. After that, the matched suppliers could sent their offers via your Account Message Center.

How do I inspect a product before I place an order?

Sign in to your account, and then go https://www.pamojan.com/inspec..., and fill up the required info, the inspection company will contact you for any details/payment for the required service. 

How do I pay for the Inspection Service?

Payment will be paid directly to the inspection company via credit/debit card.

What is SGS Inspection company?

As one of the world's leading inspection, verification, testing and certification companies, SGS is recognized as the global benchmark for quality and integrity, it has more than 2600 offices and laboratories around the world. We partner with you to offer independent services that will help you reduce risk, streamline your processes and operate in a more sustainable manner.

How is the on-site inspection works?

The buyer emails the inspection company to notify them of any specific requirements for the check. The seller provides the inspection company with an appointment application form for the on-site check.

Thank you for shopping at Pamojan.com

If you have any question, please don't hesitate to email us at hello@pamojan.com or submit an online support ticket @ https://www.pamojan.com/help-d...