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What is Pamojan.com?                                                                           

Pamojan is a B2B platform to connect suppliers/manufacturers in Egypt to the wholesale buyers all over the world. 

What is Pamojan business mission?

Our mission is to give suppliers/vendors the tools necessary to reach a global audience for their products, and by helping buyers find products and suppliers quickly and efficiently.

How Pamojan will help my business? 

With Pamojan, any business can scale and become a super e-Business. Let our digital capabilities enable your ambitions as you grow in the region.

Our tools includes “ Shipping and Logistics - Payment solutions - Request for Proposal - Inspection solutions” all in one platform. 

How to start with Pamojan.com?

Sign up with pamojan via https://www.pamojan.com/pricin... and pick the best package for your business. 

We offer three packages for subscriptions “ Bronze, Silver, and Gold”  with different benefits that fit all suppliers.

What features are available on pamojan.com?

Pamojan will provide you with several features such as;

  • Online Store (Every Supplier will have their own online store, so they can list their products, company history, logo, terms and condition, and many more)
  • Admin Panel (Every supplier will have an admin panel with all transactions, communication, and accounting in a single admin panel)
  • Product Listing (Every supplier will be able to list their own products based on their subscription package)
  • Accounting System (All suppliers will be able to track their sales and their fund through a single accounting system)
  • Client Relation Management (All suppliers will be able to track and communicate with their past, current and future clients through their client relation management system)
  • Real Time Supplier-Clients Communication system (All suppliers will be able to communicate with their potential clients and answer all their inquiries through Supplier-clients communication system.
  • Documentation Center ( All suppliers will be able to track their shipping documents, Commercial Invoice, and all other documents through the documentation center) 

What is an online-store?

An online store is the cheapest and quickest way to reach out to your customers. Your online store will include; your company history, logo, contracts, terms and agreements, payments terms, shipping terms, and of course your products images and its descriptions. 

How hard is building my online-store on pamojan.com?

Pamojan provides step-by-step videos with all features on pamojan.com and how easily you can build and integrate all features needed for your e-store. Click Here  And of course you can drop us an email with all your inquiries and we will get back to you ASAP.

What languages are available to build-up my online store?

Pamojan is available in Arabic, English and French, to help you manage your online-store.

What countries will I be able to sell my products to?

Here is the beauty of an online store. With Pamojan.com, you will be able to show and sell your products all over the world using the power of wholesale e-commerce.